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Barracudas win ninth consecutive league title

Andy Brown / Louisburg Sports Zone

Louisburg’s Christopher Tyson swims the breaststroke for the Barracudas on Saturday at the South Suburban Swim League meet in Clinton, Mo. The Barracudas won their ninth straight league title as they racked up 618 points on the day.


CLINTON, Mo. – For the last eight seasons, the Louisburg Barracuda swim team has ended its year with a South Suburban Swim League title.

The Barracudas weren’t about to let No. 9 slip away from them.

Louisburg won its ninth consecutive title Saturday as it racked up 618 points to win the SSSL meet in Clinton, Mo. The Barracudas won the meet by an overwhelming margin as runner-up Harrisonville (Mo.) finished with 376 points.

Several individual swimmers also wrapped up a special season as they left the league meet with some hardware of their own.

Ashley Branine (9-10 girls) and Emma Prettyman (11-12 girls) each finished in first place in the high-point standings, while the Barracudas had seven other swimmers finish in the top three.

Casey Carpenter-Ross (8-and-under boys), Josiah McCaskill (9-10 boys), Remington Rice (13-14 boys) and Kadisyn Kircher (15-and-over girls) each finished runner-up in their respective divisions. Claire Brown (11-12 girls), Mable Graham (13-14 girls) and Cole Brown (13-14 boys) took third overall in the high-point standings.


Prettyman finished her season strong as she won all five of her races during Saturday’s league meet. She took first place in the 50-meter freestyle in 34.65 seconds, the 50 butterfly in 38.22 and 200 IM in 3 minutes and 21 seconds.

Prettyman also won a pair of relays with the help of teammates Abby Bradley, Tehya Harvey and Claire Brown. The group finished first in the 200 medley relay in 2:57 and 200 freestyle relay in 2:37. Bradley also won the 50 backstroke (44.10).

As for Branine, she recorded four victories on the day, including two relays. Branine, Jesse Faulkner, Ally Brown and Hannah Farrington touched the wall first in the 100 medley relay (1:42) and 100 freestyle relay (1:28).

Abby Bradley won the 50-meter backstroke Saturday at the SSSL meet.

Individually, Branine won the 50 breaststroke (53.0) and 50 backstroke (46.50).

In the 15-and-over girls division, Madelyn Prettyman also picked up four victories for the Barracudas. Madelyn, along with Kircher, Kaitlyn Lewer and Avery Graham won the 200 medley relay (2:32) and 200 freestyle relay (2:18).

Madelyn also captured first-place medals in the 50 butterfly (30.31) and 200 individual medley (2:39). Kircher won the 50 backstroke (35.93) for her third victory.

On the boys side, Carpenter-Ross, Samuel Johnson (9-10), Rice and Cole Brown each won three events.

Rice and Brown teamed up with Bridger Baus and Drake Burdine to win the 200 medley (2:49) and 200 freestyle (2:26) relays. Rice came in first in the 50 freestyle (30.43), Brown won the 50 breaststroke (50.20) and Baus won the 50 backstroke (39.22)

Carpenter-Ross hit the wall first in the 25 butterfly (22.72) and 200 individual medley (4:11), and later joined Colin Brown, Noah Sharp and Andrew Jamison to win the 100 freestyle relay (1:32).

Johnson, Colton Prettyman, Conor Aadland and McCaskill swam to victory in the 100 freestyle relay (1:19) for the 9-10 boys. Johnson later won the 50 freestyle (37.12) and 50 backstroke (44.5). McCaskill was victorious in the 50 breaststroke (49.81).

Josiah McCaskill won the 50-meter breaststroke Saturday in Clinton, Mo.


Other Barracuda results are:



100 medley relay: Ella Bockelman, Meg Johnson, Shylah Dowell, Talen McMurray, first, 2:03

25 freestyle: Bockelman, second, 23.75; Dowell, fourth, 24.03

25 butterfly: Macy Hughes, second, 33.0; Meg Johnson, third, 33.25

25 breaststroke: McMurray, third, 35.97

25 backstroke: Bockelman, first, 27.72; Dowell, second, 29.60; Vivian Goode, fourth, 32.25

200 IM: Hughes, third, 5:40

100 freestyle relay: Bockelman, McMurray, Johnson, Dowell, second, 1:48; Clara Bockelman, Hughes, Brooklyn Davey, Emily Klotz, third, 2:12



100 medley relay: Janie Harth, Lola Dubas, Madeline Hughes, Fiona Rose, fourth, 2:30

50 freestyle: Ashley Branine, second, 39.78; Jesse Faulkner, fourth, 46.44; Ally Brown, fifth, 49.13; Hannah Farrington, sixth, 50.04

50 butterfly: Farrington, second, 1:05; Faulkner, third, 1:06; Brown, fourth, 1:07

50 breaststroke: Dubas, fourth, 1:09; Hughes, fifth, 1:09

200 IM: Farrington, third, 4:27; Dubas, fifth, 5:56

100 freestyle relay: Dubas, Hughes, Rose, Harth, third, 1:52



50 freestyle: Abby Bradley, fifth, 38.22

50 breaststroke: Claire Brown, second, 46.50; Tehya Harvey, third, 51.44; Bradley, fourth, 52.25

50 backstroke: Brown, third, 46.37

200 IM: Brown, third, 3:26

Tehya Harvey swims the freestyle Saturday at the SSSL meet in Clinton.



200 medley relay: Mable Graham, Mary Grace McElyea, Alison Prettyman and Tae Ellison, second, 2:48

50 freestyle: Graham, second, 34.05

50 butterfly: Prettyman, fourth, 44.97

50 breaststroke: McElyea, first, 42.40

50 backstroke: Graham, first, 39.41; McElyea, fourth, 45.66

200 IM: Graham, third, 3:34; Prettyman, fourth, 3:39

200 freestyle relay: Prettyman, Ellison, McElyea, Graham, third, 2:37



50 freestyle: Kadisyn Kircher, second, 31.97; Avery Graham, fifth, 35.06

50 butterfly: Graham, third, 35.22

50 breaststroke: Madelyn Prettyman, second, 41.03; Kaitlyn Lewer, third, 45.50

50 backstroke: Graham, fifth, 44.56; Melia Rice, sixth, 45.69

200 IM: Kircher, second, 2:47




25 freestyle: Casey-Carpenter Ross, second, 19.40; Colin Brown, fourth, 22.19

25 butterfly: Dominick Poetter, fifth, 31.87

25 breaststroke: Andrew Jamison, third, 30.19; Poetter, fifth, 36.82

25 backstroke: Jamison, second, 26.41; Brown, third, 27.09; Brayden Vohs, fourth, 29.40; Noah Sharp, sixth, 30.75



100 medley relay: Samuel Johnson, Josiah McCaskill, Ethan Sharp, Conor Aadland, second, 1:29

50 freestyle: Bryce Collins, fifth, 44.78; Aadland, sixth, 46.40

50 butterfly: Johnson, third, 46.91; McCaskill, fourth, 48.47

50 breaststroke: Colton Prettyman, fourth, 1:09; Aadland, fifth, 1:13

50 backstroke: Aadland, third, 55.0

200 IM: McCaskill, third, 3:43

100 freestyle relay: Collins, Sharp, Matthew Farrington, Vohs, fourth, 1:38



50 freestyle: Cooper Hipp, fourth, 35.91; Josh Holtzen, sixth, 37.03

50 butterfly: William Goode, fourth, 50.47

50 breaststroke: Holtzen, second, 49.95; Braden Branine, third, 50.06

50 backstroke: Henry Coolidge, first, 44.94; Goode, second, 46.22; Jordan Brown, fifth, 48.41

200 IM: Branine, fourth, 4:08

200 freestyle relay: Holtzen, Branine, Goode, Hipp, third, 2:46



50 freestyle: Bridger Baus, third, 35.43; Cole Brown, fourth, 35.47; Drake Burdine, sixth, 39.30

50 butterfly: Remington Rice, second, 36.50; Baus, fourth, 41.97; Burdine, fifth, 43.28

50 backstroke: Burdine, second, 47.94

200 IM: Rice, second, 3:30; Brown, third, 3:39



200 medley relay: Gareth Baus, Christopher Tyson, Davy Brock, Josh Holtzen, fourth, 2:54

50 breaststroke: Tyson, fifth, 46.18

50 backstroke: Brock, fourth, 40.0; Baus, sixth, 42.75

200 freestyle relay: Baus, Brock, Tyson, Jordan Brown, fourth, 2:30


  1. Connie Dodson

    July 27, 2017 at 7:21 pm

    Let me know when I can purchase any pictures of William or Vivian Goode. You can also text me at 913-424-0836. Thank you for such great articles and pictures!.

    • Andy Brown

      July 27, 2017 at 9:37 pm

      Thank you so much Connie! I hope to have all the action pictures done next week. I will definitely let you know when they are ready. Thanks again for the kind words!


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