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Meet the 2019 LHS Winter Homecoming Candidates

Andy Brown / Louisburg Sports Zone

The 2019 LHS Winter Homecoming candidates are (front row, from left) Leia Shaffer, Camdyn Clark, Riley Vohs, Bailey Kern; (back row) Jakob Krause, Kiefer Tucker, Beckett Rasmussen and James Foote.

Homecoming week at Louisburg High School kicked off Monday and events are in full swing. With something going on every day this week, it will be a busy time for students. All of it is, of course, centered around the crowning of the 2019 winter king and queen. Eight students were selected as nominees and here are their names and profiles.

The crowning will take place on Friday during halftime of the Wildcat boys’ basketball game with Ottawa. Tipoff for that game is set for approximately 7:30 p.m. Good luck to all the participants and make sure to come out on Friday to support both the Wildcat girls and boys basketball teams

Leia Shaffer and Jakob Krause

Leia Shaffer

Leia is the daughter of Ryan and Dana Shaffer. Leia has participated in cheerleading and girls soccer for four years, debate for one year and Spanish Club. Following graduation, Leia plans to attend Pittsburg State University and get a degree in nursing.

Jakob Krause

Jakob is the son of Kraig and Trisha Krause. Jakob has participated in baseball for four years, basketball, football, FCA, Choir and National Honor Society for two years. Following graduation, Jakob plans to attend the University of Nebraska and study civil engineering.

Camdyn Clark and Kiefer Tucker

Camdyn Clark

Camdyn is the daughter of Kelly and Jennifer Clark. Camdyn has participated in band, girls soccer and the musical for four years, select choir, debate and boys soccer manager for two years and mixed choir and forensics for one year. Following graduation, Camdyn plans to attend Johnson County Community College and then transfer to a university to major in physical therapy.

Kiefer Tucker

Kiefer is the son of David Tucker and Debbie Hardy. Kiefer has participated in football and track and field for four years, Model UN for three years, National Honor Society for two years and wrestling, musical and boys basketball manager for one year. Following graduation, Kiefer plans to play football in college and is undecided on his destination.

Riley Vohs and Beckett Rasmussen

Riley Vohs

Riley is the daughter of Jason and Shava Vohs. Riley has participated in FFA for four years, volleyball for three years and softball for two years. Following graduation, Riley plans to attend Missouri State University to major in nursing.

Beckett Rasmussen

Beckett is the son of Mike and Mercedes Rasmussen. Beckett has participated in baseball, football, student council, musical, choir and forensics for four years, National Honor Society and broadcasting club for two years and debate for one year. Following graduation, Beckett plans to attend Rockhurst University to play baseball and major in communications.

Bailey Kern and James Foote

Bailey Kern

Bailey is the daughter of Matthew and Veronica Kern. Bailey has participated in softball for four years, volleyball manager and choir for three years, basketball and FFA for two years and National Honor Society for one year. Bailey is currently undecided on her post-graduation plans.

James Foote

James in the son of Jim and Dana Foote. James has participate in football and FFA for four years, basketball for one year and choir for one year. Following graduation, James plans to attend Kansas State University to major in agribusiness and minor in finance.

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