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2020 Senior Spotlight: Andrew Krause


Louisburg Sports Zone will be running senior spotlights through April and May everyday (Monday through Friday) in an efforts to honor seniors who had their seasons taken away due to the spread of COVID-19.

After a tough 2019 baseball season, Andrew Krause was hoping for a fresh start.

Krause and the Wildcats finished the year with just five wins, bur the Louisburg senior saw a lot of optimism heading into 2020. Kade Larson, a Louisburg alum, was promoted to the head coach and former longtime head coach Jeff Lohse made his move back to the dugout to serve as an assistant.

“I was looking forward to playing this season more than any other season because I think we had a lot of potential this year,” Krause said. “I was also excited to play for Coach Larson and Lohse along with Coach (Jake) Storey because they are very helpful coaches.”

That season is obviously not going to happen as the spring seasons were canceled across Kansas due to the spread of COVID-19. Heading into the year, Krause knew this was going to his final year of playing a game he has played since he was little.

“I was disappointed because we were excited about the new coach and our goal was to turn the program around starting this year, and being a senior I was sad to hear that my last year of baseball was gone,” Krause said. “I decided not to play baseball but to focus on academics in college.

“I’ve been playing since T-Ball in kindergarten. It has always been my favorite sport and it means a lot to me. I played during the fall, spring and summer. I started playing with my brother’s team in elementary school and then in middle school I transferred to a club team in the city where I played for five years traveling all over the country.”

Louisburg senior Andrew Krause was slated to be on the team’s starting pitchers this season.

Even without the chance to play one final game for Louisburg High School, Krause still has plenty of memories of suiting up for the Wildcats. Krause, who was scheduled to be one of the team’s starting pitchers this season, has a fond memory of one play – no one pitch – in particular.

“I had been working on a knuckle ball for some time and finally I told Beckett (Rasmussen) that I was going to throw it in a game and he laughed because it was kind of a joke,” Krause said. “With two outs, I had this kid down in the count 0-2 and Beckett called the knuckle ball. The batter watched it float into the zone and I struck him out.”

Other than baseball, Louisburg Sports Zone also had a chance to catch up with Andrew on how he has been coping with an early end to his senior year and some of his other interests. Here are his responses from the rest of our Q&A.

LSZ: What have you been missing the most during this time away from everyone?

AK: My friends, hanging out and having fun playing baseball. I have been playing catch with some of the guys, helping my dad out with whatever he needs done and doing some fishing to help deal with the cancellation.

LSZ: What is your most memorable moment as an athlete or in school, and why?

AK: It was during football season where I recovered a blocked punt and returned it eight yards

LSZ: What is your favorite activity/hobby outside of sports and why?

AK: I enjoy fishing because it is relaxing and something you can do with your friends

LSZ: What are your plans after graduation?

AK: I am going to the University of Nebraska to major in Criminal Justice and minoring in Military Science

LSZ: What accomplishments that don’t involve athletics are you most proud of and why?

AK: Keeping a high GPA to keep my parents are happy. Also, completing the process for the minuteman scholarship which hopefully I will receive within the next month getting my tuition at Nebraska paid for.

LSZ: What do you think would be something that a lot of people don’t know about you?

AK: I have always wanted to be in the FBI and help catch criminals. I am currently in the Army reserves and I am applying for a scholarship to pay for my tuition and be a part of ROTC in college, so when I come out of college I will be a second lieutenant in the Army reserves. I am doing this because one of the ways into the FBI is through military and to serve my country.

Andrew’s Favorites

Pro athlete: Travis Kelce

Pro team: Kansas City Chiefs

College team: University of Nebraska

Movie: Warrior

TV Show: Criminal Minds

Song: God’s Country

Band/Musician: Zac Brown Band

Pregame meal/snack: Fruit Snacks

Class/subject: Math – excluding calculus

Teacher and why: Kyle Wright – his class was always fun and a good environment for learning. 

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